RPA - Consulting Services

Ideyatech’s RPA team can help you implement process automation across the entire organization. Leverage our experience in software automation using different tools that we have implemented to some of the largest BPO companies in the Philippines.

Whether you just wanted to learn how RPA can help you cut costs, or you are ready to implement RPA for your organization? We are here to help you understand and benefit from workforce automation.

Our automation engineers are experienced in using both open-source (e.g. Sikuli, Python, etc.) or commercial tools (e.g. UIPath, etc.) for your process automation. More importantly, we have built our very own automation libraries for common tasks that you can take advantage of. See the benefits of automation in a matter of days, not weeks.

Data Updating

By using scheduled web crawler, our tool can automatically check updates from web sites and update central database to ensure latest data is available. This used to be checked and updated daily by a data analyst which take about 2-4 hours a day, and now has been reduced to 1-2 mins for data validation.

Medical Coding and Bridging

Using machine learning, our tool can learn from past coding patterns and prioritize high matching scores to suggest best the code. For 100% confidence match, our tool can automatically convert the codes.

Customer Support

By integrating with email and ticketing system, our tool automatically processes common requests (e.g. new user account, password reset) by leveraging Natural Language Processing and automatically processing customer requests. This saves about 18% - 30% processing time from customer support representatives.

Overall, our automation team has reduced countless hours of manual, repetitive work - resulting to higher work efficiency and giving employees time to do things that matter.